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Modernizing Distance Treatment

Integrating online personalized intervention with sophisticated staff management and data collection tools, IRIS is an entirely customizable, all inclusive research software. IRIS is owned and operated by Strongest Families Institute.


Customized Treatment Delivery

Fully tailoring participant experiences while personalizing treatment materials, IRIS is a unique research platform. Targeted content, multimedia, and integrated staff involvement contribute to a dynamic learning solution software, dedicated to increasing participant engagement and retention.

Easy to Learn and Use

With the incredible flexibility to customize IRIS, it may seem that learning to use IRIS would be challenging. But, designing IRIS for your project can be performed by a minimally technically trained individual, often just a person with basic understandings of computers and the internet.

Ubiquitous Accessibility

IRIS is web-based, giving access anywhere, anytime, with any internet connected device. As research staff and participants change computers, travel, or access the study from home, all information is accessible, and always up to date.

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