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Being personalized and fully customizable, IRIS meets the needs of many different types of projects – from small research projects to large scale studies. The treatment delivery, staff management, and data organization approach your team adopts for your project is implemented into IRIS so that the system best suits your requirements, and highlights your team’s strengths.
Dynamically designed, IRIS utilizes a variety of features to provide participants with an interactive distance treatment program as well as an efficient data manager for staff. 

Staff Experience

Strongest Families Institute, a not-for-profit corporation providing evidence-based services to children and families seeking help for mental health and other issues impacting health and well-being, use IRIS as an information management system for their large staff as well as provide secure, online intervention to families.
This video leads the viewer through some standard Strongest Families Institute staff processes, as well as how this project best optimized IRIS features to increase efficiency and accountability for staff. Detailed among the many features used by this project are tasks, and reports

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Participant Experience

Breathe is a self-managed, web-based cognitive behviour therapy research project for adolescents 13-17 who have visited the emergency department for an anxiety-related mental health crisis. This program is aimed to help youth to understand and cope with their anxiety better.

IRIS was created to accommodate various treatment approaches. Detailed in this video is Breathe’s youth anxiety program. The program uses an array of IRIS capabilities, including multimedia content, tryout pages, triggers, and pipes

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