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Data Extraction

Access data easily and reliably with IRIS data export tools.

Accessing data is paramount in the success of a research project. IRIS provides you with the tools you need to easily, quickly, and reliably access the data of your project.  The data your staff members have access to can be customized based on the needs of your project, and is available throughout the life of your study.

Two types of data extraction are popular within IRIS: the User Activity Log and Data Reports.

User Activity Log

The user activity log provides an overview of what actions have been taken by each user of IRIS, on every page of IRIS. There are several different types of logs that collect information:

  • Page Logger: This will show how long a participant will spend reading and interacting with IRIS, as well how long staff spend completing their work within IRIS.
  • Media Clip Logger: This is logged every time a participant watches a video or listens to an audio clip.
  • Login/Logout: This will record every time a participant or staff member logs into or out of IRIS.
  • Wildcard: a customized user activity log based on the needs of your project

The activity log can also be filtered to only show events your project has flagged as billable, , data within a specific timeframe, or specific information.

Data Reports

IRIS also provides the functionality to export data as a comma-separated values file which can be viewed in any spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.  The two primary types of data reports are participant reports, which provides all information reported by each participant in IRIS. The other is the response report, which provides an easy way of analyzing several participants’ responses to a series of questions.