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Personalize treatment materials with pipes.

Pipes for Participants

Pipes are designed so that any detail a participant self-reports, such as name, hobby, or preference, can then be interwoven through the intervention content, to create a personalized treatment experience.

When setting up a program one of the questions asks what active hobbies and activities the child of the participant, Mark, enjoys. “Plays with friends” is the answer selected. Later on, as Mark’s parents work through the program content, a section on praising children states that “When Mark is playing well with his friend, you can praise them by saying “I really like the way you are playing with friends together!” Piping has allowed this content to be customized specifically so Mark’s preference can be placed within the treatment content

Pipes for Staff

As participants identify key characteristics and information, these details can be presented in staff tasks and monitoring. 

An easy access bar, shown on the top of every staff page of IRIS, can be customized to show relevant participant information for authorized staff members. For example, a project that calls participants to go over treatment content could have the participant’s phone number, best time to call and next appointment time present in the bar. Using pipes and the flexibility of IRIS, the information displayed can be customized based on the needs of the individual program.