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Customize reports with IRIS to gain access to the right information whenever you need it.

We understand that every project has different reporting needs. As a result, IRIS provides you with access to a huge variety of reporting possibilities. Most aspects of IRIS can be reported on so that you can keep track of participant and staff involvement.

IRIS also comes with some default reports that are useful no matter the project. These reports are described in data extraction.

Customized Reports

Customized reports allow you to have the exact, personalized reports needed for your project. Customized reports are set up in much the same way as other content, meaning that you can get access to the information you need without having to spend a lot of time learning new processes.

Participant Monitoring example:

A project monitoring the affects of diarizing anxiety symptoms can create a report that outlines which participants most often use their diaries and the outcomes from their assessments, measuring their anxiety symptoms severity. Instead of checking every participant, looking for particular data points, IRIS collected them for this project and presented it in an intuitive report that was specifically designed to meet their needs.

Staff Monitoring example:

A project leader can use an IRIS customized report to see which of the project staff are completing tasks and assignments in a timely manner. Any tasks that are overdue can be collected into a single report to show the project leader areas of the project that require improvements.