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Tryout Pages

Promote skill development with customized, personalized Tryout Pages.

Reinforce treatment skills with Tryout Pages. Tryout pages are customized for your project and personalized to the participant. Tryout pages can be printed off and stored in an easily accessible place so that participants have a constant and gentle reminder to work on the skills they need to succeed in your project. Each tryout page is also customized to each individual participant so that they will find the work engaging and applicable to their pretences and needs. Avaliable for participants to continually practice their new skills, as well as for staff to view, monitor, or add to, as needed, Tryout Pages are key in teaching skills and promoting changing behaviours.

Setting Up

Tryout pages are added to the end of each session of your treatment materials. At this point, a user has learned a valuable skill during the session and has something to work on in the coming days. The tryout page can be populated based on information self-reported by the participant earlier in the session. Intuitive and helpful, Tryout Pages are a perfect addition to your treatment materials.

Practicing Staying Calm

Marissa  is working through an IRIS parenting project about her daughter Sarah. The Tryout Page reflects the selections she made earlier in the session, which taught her ways to plan ahead for activities with her child.

Using a Tryout Page

Once a tryout page has been setup, the participant will be brought to the final tryout page. The participant can go back and make any changes they would like to make. The participant can fill out their progress on the tryout page within IRIS or print the form to write it in by hand. By using this tryout page feature, the participant will have an easily understood and personalized way to practice the skills you wish to teach in your project.

Trying Out Her New Skill

Once Marissa has finished setting up her tryout page, she is presented with the final product. She now has easy access to information about how to plan ahead for the times when Sarah may need to provide her own entertainment. Through the week, Marissa will have a constant reminder how how to develop the skills she learned during this session.